Can they bake Strawberry Pie? Yes they can!

by Kim Calhoun on March 5, 2010

The Gauntlet Is Thrown!

This year at the Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet we decided to have an Akela and Son Bakeoff Competition. OK… for the Cub Scout Impaired… The Blue and Gold Banquet is essentially a birthday party for Cub Scouts which turned 80 this year. Boy Scouts of America turned 100 this year. An Akela is a mentor… a teacher…a parent… any adult leader to the scout.

My husband and 7 year old Wolf Cub Scout signed up. Ryan decided he didn’t want to do a cake but a pie. What kind of pie? A Strawberry pie, of course! ┬áThis kid could eat his weight in strawberries, so I wasn’t surprised.

So…Friday night before the Blue and Gold on Saturday they start looking for recipes for strawberry pie.

They came up with this one from Betty

Fluffy Strawberry Pie

I thought this might be a little much for them but what did I know.

Pie Crust Construction

Now I’ll be honest this was not a crust for a beginner so I let them cheat and get a Pillsbury (already made) Pie crust. It was the least I could do. They made it through that with little trouble.

Making the Crust

The Filling… Can we say more fat grams than the law should allow?

First they had to make the jello. My husband needed directions to make jello. That alone was scary. :) Then there was the sugar and whipping cream part. The husband wanted to know what what “until stiff” actually meant. This was the source of much humor to me. Next, they had to “whip” the jello. The Akela and son made it through that and combining all that together along with the strawberries. They were a little more crushed than they probably should have been but I thought it was a heck of a good job.

Making the Filling

The Finish

The boys topped the pie with whip cream, strawberry halves and kiwi triangles. I was very proud of its presentation. In the end, they didn’t win the bakeoff. It was based on appearance and cub scouty theme. Had it been based on taste, I have no doubt my guys would have won. That was an excellent pie. Judging by the empty pie plate we brought home, I would say that the pack would agree with me.

The Finished Pie

The Best Part

This was supposed to be a father and son bonding event, but in our house it was a family bonding event. Dad and Son learning to bake a pie together and Mom taking photos and cheering them on all the way. Who knows maybe we’ll do a chocolate souffle next?

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