Bible in 90 Days – Catching Up

by Kim Calhoun on September 6, 2010

Biblein90daysLogoYup I’m behind. :) But catching up every day. This has been a real challenge for me, but I refuse to give up. Even if I don’t make it in 90 days I will keep reading until I get there. However, I still think I will finish it with God’s help in 90 Days. Again, my disclaimer is I am no Bible scholar. These are just my observations and questions that entire my brain as I make my way through the Bible.

2 Samuel

David had flaws. That was for sure!  Yikes Dave! What were you thinking? What Bathsheba really that hot? My thought was what was she thinking? Sure, sleeping a handsome king must have been hard to refuse, but did she really want her husband to die? From all accounts, Uriah seemed like a pretty honorable guy. It makes me wonder what kind of person she was. Was she a golddigger or what?

Then the incest? Amnon and Tamar… yikes another sordid story. They had to be at least half brother and sister. Then after he took her he just discarded her like trash. I can empathize why Absalom  would have been angry enough to kill Amnon.

Then Absalom tried to kill his father and take the throne by sleeping with his David’s concubines. Another example that women during this time were thought of as property and not as people.

Then Absalom was killed by David’s men and then he grieved. I can see why David would. It was his son. I know that no matter what my son did, I would still grieve his death. But his men thought that was pretty ungrateful since they had put their lives on the line to kill Absalom and protect David. I see their point too. It was just a horrible situation all the way around.

The good thing I can glean out of 2 Samuel is that God can still use badly flawed people like David. He did a lot of bad things and killed a lot of people. But he tried to do right by God some of the time and most of the time his heart for God was in the right place. Growing up in Sunday school you don’t really get the sense of who David really was. I knew about the story of Bathsheba, but all the other sordid stuff I didn’t know about.

I think the other thing that 2 Samuel did for me is that I have become sickened by all the sin and destruction and killing.  You can see how God would be heartsick to see his children behaving in such a detestable manner. And yet, God forgives again and again.

1 Kings

Solomon – OK… so he did the right thing and prayed for wisdom and built the temple. But he did some pretty awful things too. Killing all his brothers, for example. Now there’s something I’m sure God approved of… NOT! Plus, he did not know the meaning of the word excess. So many wives and concubines and money and gold.

And then he married a Pharoah’s daughter. How wise was that? Because he had so many women to deal with he finally gave in to them wanting their own gods. At least he kept Pharoah’s daughter out of the temple stuff she wasn’t allowed in. That’s a lot of PMS to deal with. I don’t care who you are.

Then it starts. The litany of kings after Israel and Judah split. Something else I never realized. Until I read 1 Kings I never knew that the nation split. It’s very hard to keep up with.

Fortunately, 1 Kings has a bright spot to me, Elijah. First off, that’s one of my favorite Biblical names, so he already had a head start in me liking him. :) I love how he shut down Jezebel with the contests against the Baal priests. He made them look like absolute fools. It was GREAT! I was like, “YOU GO BOY!” In the end he rode up to God in Heaven on a chariot. How cool was that??? So I guess you realize now that I’m a big Elijah fan.

2 Kings

I had a tough time getting through the Kings books. They were so much of “This guy ruled Judah” and “This guy ruled Israel”. The guy that ruled Judah generally tried to follow God in some respect. There were some exceptions. The guy that ruled Israel was always evil and bad. It’s amazing to me how far Israel had strayed from God. They had no identity. They were consumed with hate and greed and degradation.

Fortunately, 2 Kings also had a bright spot and his name was Elisha. His name means “God is Salvation” I think his miracles were very similiar to miracles that Jesus did in the New Testament. The Widow’s Oil was sort of like the loaves and the fishes. Elisha brought a boy back to life just like Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead. Even is name foreshadows the coming of Jesus.

1 Chronicles

What can I say about 1 Chronicles. Sorry this was much harder to get through than Numbers and Leviticus. Pages upon pages of  X was the father of Y and these were Y’s sons. I know you need a genealogical record tying David to Christ to be able to fulfill later prophecies but this was just plain boring.

By the end of 1 Chronicles we are back to David’s story again. Some of the same stories, some with a different spin on them. God told David he would not be able to build the temple because of all the killing he had done. He said a man of peace will build it. But David got everything ready for the building of it and left instructions and assigned people.

2 Chronicles

2 Chronicles is much nicer to read than 1 Chronicles. It tells about the Solomon and the building of the temple and about all the good Kings of Judah. It really glosses over the bad stuff for the most part but that’s because it was written for the Jews that were captive in Babylon. They didn’t know how great their kingdom had been in the past. It was to remind them who they were and who God was and His promises to the chosen people.

I am further along than this thankfully but this is a long post already.  See you next week.

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