How to Have a Family Event Weekend – Part 3 The Photos

by Kim Calhoun on June 26, 2011

Welcome to part 3 of my blog series How to Have a Family Event Weekend. Part 3 is about the photos. 10 women with 10 cameras is a formidable sight. Anywhere we go there are cameras snapping memorable moments. In an effort to get everyone access to all photos, we had to come up with a system that would work for everyone including my technology-challenged aunts.

If you have older relatives that will come to your family weekend, take pity on them, for they know not what they do. :) Now this is all in fun with my aunts, I adore them!

For the love of Pete!…Get a digital camera

We have one aunt that is known for her shutterbugginess (is that a word?). However, for the longest time she still used a film camera. For several years, nobody saw any of her photos because they were all developed and as for using scanner..well, you might as well have said “Beam, me up Scotty”. Finally her children took pity on her and got her a digital camera. Now everyone gets to see her photos.

The SD Card Photo Hoarder

That brings me to my crazy aunt. She’s knows she’s crazy so she won’t be offended. She got a digital camera, but never learned to download any of her photos. So when it came time to download the photos from the weekend, you had to open up the card and sift through hundreds of photos. Luckily another niece took pity on her and took her to the local Walgreen’s and introduced her to the photo machine. Unfortunately, this aunt, who is really a brilliant retired medical professor, had to be shown this process more than once.

All that to say, the aunts really do capture some nice photos, and if you spend a little time and love with the older generation, they will get the hang of it…eventually…I think. :)

The Special Photos

Group Shots
We always take a group shot. With the help of a tripod and and a lovely 50mm fixed lens we get awesome group photos. I didn’t get my good camera until about the 3rd year, so the 1st and 2nd year group shots were taken, but are not up to the nice photo we have now.

Art Shots
If you are into photography and even if it’s not your thing, I urge you to find unsual shots to take. Below are some of my art shots I have taken over the years. They help me remember, but aren’t exactly snapshots. They can be hung as art, but they are still a fond memory because I know where they were taken and why.

Our Process
As I am the graphics & photography guru of the family, I invested in a 12-n-1 card reader. On Saturday night before we go to bed, everyone deposits their cameras on the table. Early Sunday morning, I get up and download all the cards to a file on my computer and burn CDs for my family to go home with. I do this for the aunts.  They get CDs. Some of the cousins now bring me flash drives which is great. So if you can get everyone to use those, even better. But then there’s the trouble with explaining to the aunts was a USB port is. :)

Break up the photo assignments
In the first few years, everybody took 10 photos of the same thing. That’s not what you want. Find places to take photos where others in your group aren’t. Because in the end you are going to get that shot you saw, it’s just that someone else took it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed part 3 of this series. If you missed the first two you can find them here:

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