Things to be Thankful For- Mrs. Shirley’s Biscuits

by Kim Calhoun on November 3, 2011

I am working with my son in our homeschool on a Thanksgiving tree. Everyday we add leaves to the tree of things we are thankful for. One of the things my son is thankful for is my biscuits. I thought this was really hilarious on many levels. Now let me tell you a little story…

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My Biscuits

My homemade biscuits are not some culinary masterpiece. They have 2 ingredients… Bisquick and milk. Yup, recipe right off the Bisquick box. My son thinks they are fabulous and whip store bought biscuits any day. I’m glad I have him snowed with my culinary expertise. I have often wanted to make the perfect biscuits from total scratch but it has never happened. Some people have the magic touch with biscuits. One such person was Mrs. Shirley, my neighbor two doors down when I was growing up.

Mrs. Shirley’s Biscuits

I have eaten a lot of biscuits in my life and none have ever topped Mrs. Shirley’s biscuits. She made them everyday, fresh, from complete scratch for her family. Mrs. Shirley had 3 children and they were the same ages as my sister and me so we were there all the time. I would do whatever I could to get to their house in the morning to get one of those biscuits. They drop or cat head biscuits. Not pretty, but perfect nonetheless. I often wondered how she made them so perfect every time. She once told me she’d had a lot of practice. I never got her recipe or watched her make them. I wish I had. I have no doubt that she had no actual recipe though. I’m sure she just poured in what she needed and they came out perfect through years of practice. I think people who have a way with biscuits like that also had a lot of love in their hearts. I think a little goes into that dough with the flour.

Maybe that’s why my son likes my biscuits so much. I certainly make them with love for him even if they are just Bisquick and milk. I am thankful for Mrs. Shirley’s biscuits not only because they are the best in the world, but for the memory of home, friends. and family they bring to mind.


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